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Should I let my homeowners insurance agent know if I make improvements to my home?

Speak with your agent at H. Dean Allison Insurance before you start to remodel your Altoona, PA home. The kind of coverage you need and the amount of protection could change depending on the circumstances.

What Kinds Of Home Improvements Change Your Home Value?

When you originally purchased your homeowners’ policy, your agent took the information to help value your property. When you renovate, add on, or upgrade your home, your home may increase in value. It is important to consider what kinds of changes will change the value. Here are some common changes that can add value to your home:

  • Your policy will not cover wear and tear, but it will cover damage if a falling tree damages your HVAC system and/or ductwork. This also applies to central air or individual cooling units.
  • One common way that people significantly increase the value of their homes is by finishing attics, basements, or garages. This can add value because it increases the amount of living space.
  • Hot tubs and swimming pools can add value but also carry their own concerns with potential liability.
  • Deck replacements and landscaping can significantly improve your home’s look and usability.
  • Outside structures and sheds can add value, as can a new roof.

You May Need Additional Protection If Your Home Is Vacant During Renovations

If renovations are extensive, your home may be vacant for a period of time. Even if the house is not vacant, the activity may make your home a target of vandals and thieves. You may want to consider adding protection in case of those events.

Schedule A Consultation Today

Protect your Altoona, PA home even during home improvements. If you want to discuss options about additional protection, or if you just have questions, please feel free to call H. Dean Allison Insurance today.

Does my RV insurance cover theft at home and in the states where I travel?

Some people use their RV as a home, while others store their RVs in Florida during the winter. That might leave you with questions as to where you should insure your RV. When you drive your RV from state to state, does the protection from your insurance follow you?

At H. Dean Allison Insurance, we understand that our Altoona, PA customers have different circumstances. We want to make sure you understand how your insurance works so that you have the coverage you need.

Compact States

In the United States, you have a guarantee that you can go anywhere you want as long as you are following the basic rules. In most states, that means having a driver’s license and insurance on your vehicle. There are a few states that do not require you to have insurance, but even then you are responsible.

Because they are part of the same country, the states basically have a compact to honor what happens in another state. You don’t need a different license or insurance to go to another state.

RV Insurance In Other States

You can still make insurance claims if something happens in another state. It may be harder to pursue a claim in another state, partly because you won’t be there physically to follow up. You should make a report to law enforcement as soon as possible and make sure they have your information in case they need to follow up.

Also, let your insurance agent know right away when something happens. At H. Dean Allison Insurance, we understand how stressful it can be to deal with a theft. If you have any questions about purchasing RV insurance in Altoona, PA, please call today.

Do I need motorcycle insurance year round if I only ride in the summer?

Pennsylvania offers some of the best motorcycle riding in the country. You can ride through charming villages, along wide highways, and next to stunning mountains. However, not everyone wants to brave the winter months on a motorcycle. Is it possible to save money by only insuring your motorcycle during the months when you ride?

If you are still paying off your motorcycle, you are probably required to keep active insurance until the loan is paid off. At H. Dean Allison Insurance, we can help you see if you are eligible for various discounts on your Altoona, PA policy.

Downsides to Canceling Your Policy

Your best value for motorcycle insurance is an annual policy. That is how to find the best overall rates. If you have an annual policy and cancel it during the times when you don’t ride, you may face penalties and/or fees. When you pick up your insurance again, you may not get as good a deal. The company may also simply choose not to insure you again.

You Face Risks Even When You Aren’t Riding

As long as you own your motorcycle, there is a chance that something could happen to it. Even sitting in a garage, your motorcycle could be damaged by another vehicle or from a fire or another natural disaster. There is always a possibility of theft or vandalism, neither of which would probably be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance.

For most people, it makes more sense to keep the policy active even during winter months. We may still be able to find other discounts for you in Altoona, PA, such as discounts for bundling your policies or having a good driving record. Call H. Dean Allison Insurance today so we can get you started.

Four things not to do when it comes to your auto insurance policy

Carrying auto insurance coverage is essential. Unfortunately, motorists sometimes make mistakes when it comes to their auto insurance policy. At H. Dean Allison Insurance, we can provide auto insurance coverage to vehicle owners in Altoona, PA. 

The following are four things not to do when it comes to your auto insurance policy:

Choosing the first auto insurance policy that you find

If you want to find the best available auto insurance policy, you need to explore your options. Getting quotes from a few auto insurance companies is one of the most important steps to go through before buying a policy. 

Neglecting to update your auto insurance policy

A motorist’s insurance needs can change as time goes on. If your financial situation changes or you buy a new vehicle, you’ll want to update your auto insurance coverage accordingly. 

Overlooking helpful auto insurance policy features

There are a lot of features that an auto insurance policy can include that will really make your life easier if you get in an accident. For example, rental vehicle coverage and roadside assistance are two policy features that you should definitely have. 

Failing to add comprehensive coverage to your policy

Liability and collision coverage are important types of coverage to include. However, you should also invest in comprehensive coverage. You’re missing out on important coverage you need if you don’t include comprehensive coverage in your policy.

Comprehensive coverage is important because it covers you if your vehicle becomes damaged due to theft or vandalism. Comprehensive coverage also includes coverage for damage caused by fire. 

Are you looking for auto insurance in Altoona, PA?

Call us at H. Dean Allison Insurance and we’ll answer your insurance questions and give you a quote on a policy. 

Learn About the Different Types of Boat Insurance

Purchasing your first boat can be exciting. But, after purchasing a boat, there is one important thing you should do. You should insure your boat. While you are not required to carry boat insurance to legally operate a boat in PA, you may be required to carry boat insurance if your boat is financed. Additionally, many marinas require you to carry boat insurance to store your boat.

Here at H. Dean Allison Insurance, serving the greater Altoona, PA area, we can help you with your boat insurance needs, including learning about the different types of insurance available. 

Types of Boat Insurance

Agreed Value

When it comes to boat insurance, there are two primary types of insurance. This is an agreed value policy or an actual cash value policy. An agreed-value policy means that you and the insurance company agree on the current value of the boat, and if there is a loss, you are paid out based on this agreed-upon value. This is typically only an option for newer boats.

Actual Cash Value

An actual cash value policy takes into account depreciation and the age of your boat. This is how much the insurer values your boat. Most boat policies are actual cash value policies. 


In addition to an agreed value or actual cash value policy, you can have add-ons to your policy. This includes things such as specialized coverage, consequential damage, towing, and cruising extension coverage. An insurance agent can help you to understand what each of these terms means and if they may be something you should consider adding to your policy.

Reach Out To Us

While you may not legally be required to carry boat insurance to operate a boat in PA, it is smart to protect your investment in the boat and to protect your finances in case you cause an accident with your boat on the waterways. Here at H. Dean Allison Insurance, serving the greater Altoona, PA region, we would love to help you find the right insurance policy for your needs. Reach out to us today to get started.

When and how often should I update my home insurance policy?

As a homeowner, you need adequate insurance coverage to protect your investment and belongings. However, just purchasing a policy once and forgetting about it will not give you the protection you need. Your policy should be updated consistently to reflect any changes to your home and lifestyle.

How often should you update your home insurance policy?

And what changes require an update? If you live in the Altoona, PA area, H. Dean Allison Insurance wants to help you answer these questions and more.

Changes to your home, personal life, and economy can all impact your coverage needs, so it’s best to review your policy annually. This review should include assessing your coverage levels and any necessary updates. For instance, if you’ve added a swimming pool, updated your HVAC system, or made any other home upgrades, it may be time to increase your coverage limits.

Other situations may require a policy update, such as purchasing new expensive items like jewelry, antiques, or electronics. Some homeowners may also qualify for discounts on their policies if they install security systems or make improvements that lessen the likelihood of severe weather-related damage, such as sturdy roofing or hurricane shutters.

Aside from regular reviews and updates, homeowners should also contact their insurance agent whenever other significant life changes occur. These changes could impact the type of coverage you need or the coverage limits required to protect your family and assets fully.

Reach Out To Us

Regular reviews and updates are necessary to ensure that your coverage reflects your evolving needs and that any significant changes in your life are accounted for. H. Dean Allison Insurance is available to answer any question about your home insurance policy, so contact us in the Altoona, PA area today.

Three priorities to focus on when you buy RV insurance

If you own an RV in Altoona, PA, it’s important to find an RV insurance policy. We at H. Dean Allison Insurance are happy to provide you with RV coverage. 

When you select RV insurance, you need to make sure that you’re addressing a few important priorities.

The following are three priorities to focus on when you buy RV insurance:

Knowing what your coverage limits are

The coverage limits of your policy are one of the most important considerations to pay attention to. You need to choose a policy with coverage limits that are high enough to protect you financially if you eventually have to file a claim.

Remember that RV accident expenses can be very high. It’s best to choose coverage limits that are higher than the state liability coverage requirements so that you enjoy added financial security. 

Taking advantage of coverage suspension during the off-season

A lot of RV owners only use their RV during certain times of the year. That’s why RV insurance providers typically offer coverage suspension options.

If you take advantage of coverage suspension, you don’t have to pay your full premium costs for the times during which your RV is in storage. 

Choosing a policy that offers roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is a valuable feature of an RV insurance policy. With roadside assistance, you will enjoy more peace of mind when you’re traveling. 

When you have roadside assistance, your insurance provider arranges to have a tow truck sent out to service your RV if you break down on the road. 

Give Us A Call

We’re here to answer any questions you have about RV insurance. Call us at H. Deal Allison Insurance to learn more about RV coverage in Altoona, PA. We can provide you with a policy quote along with answers to all your insurance questions.  

The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Motorcycle Insurance

Purchasing a motorcycle can be exciting. However, with a new bike purchase also comes the responsibility of having to select motorcycle insurance. Here at H. Dean Allison Insurance, helping residents in the Altoona, PA area with their motorcycle insurance needs, we have seen many people make some mistakes when purchasing their motorcycle insurance. We want to help you avoid those mistakes.

Here are three mistakes that you can avoid when buying motorcycle insurance:

Assuming Your Auto Insurance Policy Covers Your Motorcycle 

One of the mistakes that people make when they purchase a new motorcycle is assuming that their auto insurance covers their motorcycle. This is not the case. You need a stand-alone motorcycle insurance policy if you own a motorcycle, not an auto insurance policy. Additionally, if you have an operator’s insurance policy that does not typically extend to motorcycles, so you will need a policy as well. 

Not Knowing How Much Coverage You Need

Another common mistake that people make when purchasing motorcycle insurance is not knowing how much coverage they need. The coverage amount that you need for a motorcycle is not always the same as the coverage amounts that you have for auto insurance policies. Do your research or work with an insurance agent to find out how much coverage you truly need. 

Selecting a Low Insured Declared Value

The final mistake that people make when purchasing motorcycle insurance is selecting a low-insured declared value amount. This is the maximum amount you will be paid if your bike is totaled or stolen. Undervaluing your motorcycle may result in a lower premium amount, but it will not help you if your bike is a total loss and you need to replace it. 

Reach Out To Us

Are you looking to purchase motorcycle insurance in the greater Altoona, PA area? If so, the insurance agents at H. Dean Allison Insurance are here to help you with motorcycle insurance purchasing needs. We can answer any questions you have or help you find the right policy limits for your needs. Call us today to learn more or to get started. 

Making the Most of Your Auto Insurance Policy: A Comprehensive Guide

Auto insurance is a crucial aspect of owning a vehicle, providing you with peace of mind and protection in the event of an accident or other unexpected events. At H. Dean Allison Insurance Agency serving Altoona, PA, we understand that navigating the world of auto insurance can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help.

Auto Insurance Policy: A Comprehensive Guide

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what your policy covers. Most auto insurance policies include liability coverage, which protects you in the event that you cause an accident and are found to be at fault. This coverage can include property damage, medical expenses, and more. Other types of coverage that you may consider include collision coverage, which pays for damage to your own vehicle, and comprehensive coverage, which covers damage to your vehicle from non-collision events such as theft, natural disasters, and more.

When choosing an auto insurance policy, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget. You may also want to shop around and compare quotes from different insurance companies to ensure that you’re getting the best coverage at the most affordable price. At H. Dean Allison Insurance Agency, our knowledgeable agents are always here to help you understand your options and make informed decisions about your coverage.

In addition to choosing the right policy, there are a few other steps you can take to make the most of your auto insurance coverage. For example, it’s important to keep detailed records of your vehicle and its maintenance history, as this can help to prove your case in the event of an accident or other claim. It’s also a good idea to review your policy regularly to make sure that you have the right coverage for your needs, and to make any necessary updates or changes.

Contact Us Today

At H. Dean Allison Insurance Agency serving Altoona,PA, we’re committed to helping our clients get the coverage they need to protect themselves and their vehicles. Whether you’re a first-time car owner or a seasoned driver, our team is here to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need. So if you’re looking for comprehensive, affordable auto insurance coverage, get in touch with us today!

Should You Cancel Boat insurance During the Off-Season?

When winter comes to Altoona, PA and surrounding areas, many boat owners lay up their boats in a boatyard or at their own private docks or land. It will be many months until boating season begins again, so should you cancel boat insurance during the off-season? H. Dean Allison Insurance advises boat owners not to cancel.

Here’s why:

Leased Boats Are Required to Have Year-Round Coverage

If your boat is leased, the creditor almost certainly has a caveat written into their terms that requires year-round insurance. This is to cover their losses, not yours. It may seem wasteful, but it’s not.

You Want to Protect Your Own Investment, Too

Even if you own your boat outright, you’ll want to keep coverage in the off-season. Boats are a big investment, and it would be a shame to lose it all just because you chose to cancel insurance during the off-season.

Accidents Happen Out of the Water

Altoona PA is landlocked and unaffected by things like hurricanes and tidal waves. But boat accidents happen out of the water all the time. Consider the ramifications if something unexpected happened at the boat dock. If you’re paying for over-winter boat storage, the facility’s liability insurance would pay for the damage. But what if their insurance lapsed? What happens then?

Theft is Always a Possibility

The odds that someone would steal your boat may seem slim, but boat theft is more common than you might think. Your boat insurance will protect you against this possibility, too.

Boat Damage During Storage

The equipment on your boat is covered with boat insurance, too. So if something happens during the winter season – something freezes and breaks, or the grandkids accidentally break something while playing on the boat – your investment is still covered as long as you keep the insurance coverage.

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking for boat insurance for a new or used boat in or around the greater Altoona, PA region, H. Dean Allison Insurance is ready to help. Contact us today for more information.


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