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Pennsylvania RV Insurance Coverage

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RV Insurance in Pennsylvania

Making smart insurance choices is essential to your financial health. Here at H. Dean Allison Insurance, serving Altoona, PA, and the surrounding area, we make it our job to help residents of Pennsylvania make the bests insurance choices. Keep reading to learn more about RV insurance.

Does My RV Need Special Coverage?

Many think their RV can fall under their regular auto policy. Although there are similarities between auto and RV coverage, there are also some crucial differences.

Insurance policies are written differently for different types of vehicles because different vehicles pose different types of risk on the road. An RV is often much larger than a regular vehicle. Visibility and reaction time are both different for the driver of an RV than for the driver of a standard car. For these reasons and others, an RV needs its specially designed insurance policy.

What Happens If I Don't Have Coverage?

Most states require that you have RV coverage to drive on the road. If you plan on traveling to different states in your RV, you want to ensure that you already have the proper insurance coverage. You could face legal consequences if you operate the RV without coverage.

If the RV is involved in an accident that causes damage to other vehicles or causes injuries to others, you would be held personally liable for the expenses incurred during that accident. This could be a harsh financial blow to you and your family.

In addition to these consequences, if something happens to your RV that causes it damage, and you do not have full coverage, you will need to pay for repairs or replacement of the RV out of your pocket. This also might be a heavy financial burden.

To avoid these problems, you need RV insurance in place. If you want to learn more, please get in touch with us at H. Dean Allison Insurance, serving Altoona, PA, and the surrounding areas.


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